The Crime of Punishment!

Highlights: Esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Karl Menninger dissected the criminal justice system and concluded, “Our system of punishment actually INCREASES crime: the most violent crimes are committed by “criminals” on the run, trying to escape justice, to escape punishment.” He stated, “I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them”.

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START OF ARTICLE:, inspired by Dr. Menninger’s book,  has developed several concepts to reduce crime, and to reduce the financial, the emotional, and the physical devastation caused by crime.

One of our major concepts is to change from punishing “Criminals” to helping them become productive citizens. This concept will provide “Criminals” with  Our 5-Blocks-of-Wellness(TM)>. The 5-Blocks-of-Wellness(TM) are Financial, Physical, Emotional, Social, & Spiritual.  We believe it is in the best interest of EVERYONE, if a judge ask a defendant accused of a crime of financial desperation to choose between 6 years in prison or one year learning a productive, employable trade thru Regional Occupational Programs (ROP)>. The court could pay the educational and living expenses for one year. Or the defendant could spend nights in prison, while maintaining acceptable progress in classes. Look at just the cost savings: $12,000 for one year living expenses vs $240,000 for 6 years of incarceration (6 years X $40,000/year).  Better  yet: society will have a productive citizen in one year as opposed to a bitter, hardened, and trained criminal, trained by hardened criminals for 6 years.

Another major concept is Hurricane-City(TM)> which can be a calm, safe EYE of the legal storm faced by “criminals” on the lam. There could be several Hurricane Cities(TM) in several states.  Our 5-Blocks-of-Wellness(TM)> can be provided for “residents.”

A major concept developed by Dr. Thomas Gordon is Human Effectiveness Training>

There are several more concepts developed by that will be added soon.

From the back cover of the book “The Crime of Punishment” by Dr. Karl Menninger, available at

The Crime of Punishment, originally published in 1966, addressed the critical issue of crime in America and how we punish criminals. Was the spread of violence in spite of our laws and courts or because of them and us? Dr. Menninger dissected the criminal justice system and concluded, “I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them”. Dr. Menninger, the esteemed psychiatrist, former chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Menninger Foundation in Topeka, and former senior consultant to the Stone-Brandel Center in Chicago, gave us a thoughtful manual 40 years ago that is highly relevant and seriously applicable to the criminal justice system today. Hopefully, by republishing this valuable lesson book, we will apply his teachings and correct the system of corrections. New Leaf – New Life, Inc./Citizens for Effective Justice, which was instrumental in the republishing of this book, is a criminal justice reformation advocacy organization dedicated to transformational change. Visit to learn about efforts across the country to implement Dr. Menninger’s ideas for a more effective criminal justice system. This book is being republished with the permission of the Kansas Historical Society, curator of Dr. Menninger’s archives.

End of book’s back cover.

The New Leaf – New Life, Inc website mentioned,, no longer exists. The group has drifted away from reformation and now concentrates on aiding “criminals” within the existing system; their site is .

However a search for “Menninger citizens for effective justice” or “citizens for effective justice” finds several groups dedicated to reform.

One dedicated group in California is Sentencing and Justice Reform Advocacy> .

MAKING THESE REFORMS COME TRUE:  The best way to make these changes is informing the public and having help from citizens like Yourself! What can YOU do? >  a linkk will be added soon.


Donations> are Gratefully accepted to advance our Ideas of your choosing.

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