Rescuing America from Financial DEVASTATION!

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Highlights of this article: Top Financial Experts predict Financial Devastation for America. Our “Prosperity Thru Tax Changes!” WILL Rescue America and provide Prosperity for MOST Americans!

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Top Financial Experts including  James Dale Davidson predicts Financial Devastation in America’s near future. He says, “The economy is unraveling right now, and fast. Very fast.” Davidson’s predictions and 5 Economic Cracks>

James Dale Davidson Predictions include:

  • The end of Social Security as soon as 2017.
  • 40% Real Estate Collapse.
  • 50% Stock Market Wipeout.
  • 30% Savings Accounts Loss.
  • 300% Rise in Unemployment.

We at are impressed by his data, his intuition, and his track record. We believe an economic breakdown is very possible, even likely.


We have been saying for decades that Feudalism Drains Capitalism.

Now that one third of Americans live in Feudalism (tenants under landlords), America’s  Financial DEVASTATION appears at hand!


WE HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR DECADES, “OUR FUTURE PROSPERITY depends on Capitalism becoming more profitable than Feudalism (that’s tenants under landlords).”

James Dale Davidson’s FIVE Economic Cracks are Completely repaired by Strengthening Capitalism and Weakening Feudalism Thru Tax Changes!

Read: Prosperity Thru Tax Changes!

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One Response to Rescuing America from Financial DEVASTATION!

  1. John, Thanks for your comment. Independent of G. Edward Griffin’s financial conspiracy theories in “Creature from Jekyll Island” and fiat currency, we do know Feudalism Drains Capitalism the production of goods, services, jobs, and tax revenues. We do understand paper money floats, unlike Gold or Silver coins, or even Gold or Silver certificates.  But, if we all have everything we NEED and much of what we WANT, does it matter what the relative cost in paper money is. The real cost and the economic health of America may be better measured by what a consumer can buy with a unit of average work (minimum wage and unemployment factored in).

    From: john echols To: ; DonDesignjr2 Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 7:17 PM Subject: Re: [New post] Rescuing America from Financial DEVASTATION! Don, I read this article and you’ve got it all wrong. You don’t get what a fiat currency system is or how it functions.  Bubbles and collapses are not just inevitable, they are engineered necessities in this system, it can’t work without them.  And nobody that’s not engaged in a privledged activity owes any taxes.  They are a social control scam to milk the public and are not even necessary for the operation of gov or how it gets the vast majority of its revenues.  Read “Creature from Jekyll Island”.  This country grew to be the most prosperous nation on earth without an income tax in the first 150 years which only started about 1945.   We collectively have been scammed into paying interest on every dollar when the US could count it’s money without the Banksters for free. The problem is the usery and debt based fiat money system.


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